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Yedeshi – Aurangabad NH 211

Yedeshi Aurangabad Tollway Ltd. is an SPV that is managing the BOT asset, Yedeshi – Aurangabad NH 211 Project in the State of Maharashtra.

NH 211 links Dhule and Solapur via Chalisgaon, Yellora, Daulatabad, Aurangabad, Beed, Yedeshi and Tuljapur and the project caters to various types of traffic, including urban, suburban and regional traffic.

The project features are as below

189.09 km of four-lane carriageway

73.71 km of service road

5 major bridge

57 minor bridges

5 flyovers

194 culverts

1 railway-over-bridge

18 pedestrian underpasses

15 vehicular underpasses

98 intersections

56 bus bays

5 truck lay bye

2 rest areas

3 toll fee plazas